Sunday, January 24, 2010

New rules of the game

The remote game. This is the one, started by Musical Daddy, in which a remote control is placed atop a head or a knee or something, and a baby has to climb to get it. To the victor go the spoils...until the next round.

There are two issues with the game, as I saw it, when I played with Meatball after our nap. One is that when The Boy started playing the game, we didn't have this headboard with our lamp and other stuff that isn't ideal for babies on it. The other is that when Meatball found that he was having trouble obtaining the remote, he thought that he'd settle for a lesser prize and grab for my glasses.


In other news, Musical Daddy and I went to see Avatar this morning. Amazing film. The story itself wasn't special; it was the details and the elaborations that made it great. Unfortunately, I don't think that I was meant to wear those 3-D glasses for 3 hours, and my eyes hurt upon my return. They still do.

More on the movie in a later post. If I get around to it.

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