Saturday, January 23, 2010

Head above water

It's been a good week.

We are officially out of the storage locker. Thanks to a nice guy with a truck, and my sister for knowing a nice guy with a truck.

The Boy has eaten well all week and, possibly due to careful administration of Zofran, has kept things down over the past few days. He approaches the kitchen table (really a peninsula, not a freestanding table) and asks for stuff several times a day. Usually he wants more noodles, but sometimes he wants cereal or "chips" (the cinnamon apple rice sticks that resemble Taco Bell's cinnamon twists). He has developed a taste for some things that are off his diet, because we have had them, or Meatball has. We just need to be careful. Considering that he mostly eats noodles, which are devoid of sodium and potassium, it balances out.

The Boy is learning about Batman. Awesome.

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