Sunday, January 10, 2010


The reason why we have cake, obviously, is because David got another "NED" (no evidence of disease) by way of intrasurgical ultrasound--an NED that is quite conclusive and one that we're so fortunate to have received. Usually an NED is obtained by way of clear CT or PET scans, or by way of MRIs or ultrasounds...basically by way of imaging from outside. Not that we really want The Boy to be opened up on a regular basis, but while they were going after a lesion that was barely there and was comprised of scar tissue, and he was open, they figured, why not run the intrasurgical ultrasound over the kidney and liver and check for things that aren't kidney and liver, namely, new tumors? Hopefully we'll never get an NED that is THAT conclusive, as we're hoping just to have regularly scheduled scans and ultrasounds that give us the information that we need.

The conversation that Musical Daddy and I had regarding this surgery and The Boy's recovery was that it would be easy, by comparison, for him to recover from this one as compared to the other two, and he was right. His surgery was less involved this time than the other times. In fact, his recovery was cake. And I said, after this discussion, "I want cake." So now we have one.

The other "cake" is the fact that we "only" need to go back to the familiar chemo regimen. We have 4 more maintenance phases left. 16 chemo cycles. Technically only 48 weeks from tomorrow, although with delays from fevers or longer recovery times, who knows how long it will take?

Still, I certainly enjoy some good cake.

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Sarah R said...

It's definitely a reason to celebrate! I can't wait until he is all done with all of his treatments.