Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Quick hits before bed, in no particular order:

The Boy was refusing his BiCitra, or violently rejecting it along with whatever he had recently eaten. Solution? Bicarb in the IV. Hello--we asked for that for months. He has more issues with the stuff at the hospital but will generally take it at home. Background on that is, either the BiCitra oral solution or some form of bicarbonate supplement can be used to combat acidity in the blood. Acidity in the blood is a by-product of the kidney problems.

Speaking of kidney problems, The Boy had a renal function test called a GFR. Forget what it stands for but let's be honest--those who know about kidney function tests already know what I am talking about, those who don't are just going to read on, and some of you are going to Google it. Anyhow, his number was 54. Above 90 is normal. So he has "moderate" kidney problems. 30 means see the doctor, and 15 means you'd better have seen the doc because that kidney has checked the heck out.

I went to an info session for substitute teaching in the city school district here. Lesson learned--take the city bus next time. Door to door without the hassle of parking. Good money and likely decent availability of jobs. Good way to get noticed, too.

Meatball--still cute. He is enjoying his food. So far, he has has broccoli, cucumber, green beans, and banana. Sweet potato was supposed to be today but it took too long, so he will have that with breakfast. No teeth yet, though.

It is lonely without Musical Daddy. He has assumed all overnight responsibility for The Boy in the hospital while my mother recovers from some things. Non-contagious things like extra reflux and arthritis. I think he is enjoying the Boy time. We just have to be sure that he gets breaks. And that, maybe, we see each other.

My parents and he and I are really trying to take care of each other. It is nice.

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