Monday, January 25, 2010

The Counts Crapshoot--A Review

The Boy's counts for today: WBC 1.5 with an ANC of 315; Hemoglobin 9.1; Platelets 29,000.

The white count is likely to roll back up soon because of the difference between the ANC and the whole white count. The hemoglobin...well, that generally doesn't go back up without a transfusion but we might make it to admission time before a transfusion would be necessary. Platelets...hmm. Staying on Neupogen suppresses the ability of the platelets to recover. 29,000 is nowhere near recovered levels, nor is it nearly low enough to transfuse.

Unfortunately, due to timing, he needs to stay on the Neupogen. Hopefully from Thursday to Monday is enough time to recover those platelets.

Time to make the dinner!

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JC said...

Glad things are going "normal" for you all. And when I say normal, I mean for a cancer patient. :) Hope the counts recover soon so no transfusion are needed!