Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Set to go

Meatball has teeth coming through, finally. Eating is going well for him, too. I think I'm going to try giving him peas next, to see how his pincer grasp is coming along.

I am officially on the list to substitute-teach in town. I'm not quite ready, intellectually. I need to get my schedule back onto school time, and I need to...remember how to deal with a class full of kids. I finished my paperwork, and I supposed I didn't get that I'd be on the list right away. Fortunately, I talked to the coordinator and asked her about being able to work or not work certain days, due to The Boy's illness. She said that if I could work, I should take jobs, and if I can't work, I shouldn't. Better to take fewer jobs than to take jobs and not go.

I've been exercising, officially, since last week. It's been fun. Mostly, I'm getting back into the place where I was before I let my lifting lapse. I'm doing a 3-day split and so far sticking most with what I'd been doing to be sure to use correct form. Once I feel comfortable with that, I'll see what else I can do.

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Jennifer said...

In our school system you can basically wait until the day of to take any jobs available. Most jobs are last minute anyway. There are some jobs that are posted early that subs can take, but most take them the week of or the day of.

Once you get out there and teachers realize you are a good sub (esp. Music teachers) they'll start calling you. :)

Good Luck!!