Friday, November 28, 2008


Anyone who has had any contact with my family knows that we know how to throw a party. More specifically, we know how to make a feast. I think I mentioned that The Boy was slated to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital (and if I didn't, Musical Daddy certainly did), but there was no reason not to make the meal. Besides, thanks to a generous donation from someone at The Boy's treatment center, we already had a nice big kosher turkey.

So we did it--Thanksgiving at the hospital. Pictures will follow. The Boy enjoyed the company and socialized beautifully. Thanks to Justin and his mom for a DELICIOUS pareve chocolate cake.

Despite the ridiculous second half of the year that we've been having, we have so much for which to be thankful. Certainly the "im yirtzah" (the phrase is "im yirtzah Hashem" or "if G-d wills it"; the status of a pregnancy is considered to be fragile in the Jewish tradition, which is why we say "in good time" (but in Hebrew) to congratulate a woman on her pregnancy, and also why we don't do baby showers) as well as The Boy, who is handsome, charming, smart, friendly, and so sweet. Our families and friends. Our jobs (even though I have to leave mine, I'm still thankful because they'll be giving me extended leave so I can come back if I want to). Our lovely home. And an extra thanks for my mom who, bless her heart, is staying the night at the hospital with The Boy.

So I can get sleep. Which I should do.

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