Monday, November 10, 2008

And you were going to tell us this when?

One of the nurse-practitioners from surgery came in to see David. She took a look at the JP Drain and said the same sort of thing that's been said for days--want to see how it's doing and then think about taking it out.

It looks irritated and if it's not infected yet, it very well could be soon. Not that I'm a doctor.

She then asked what our follow-up plans were with oncology. I said that we'd have to wait for pathology before deciding what to do next. "Oh, it's ready, I can print that out for you right now."

Excuse me?

The pathology is ready and you didn't bother to tell us?

She backpedaled and said that it must have only recently become available and explained that it takes about 72 hours to finish. Do the math, kids--that's 3 days. So, Friday night. Maybe I can accept that since it was the weekend and now it's Monday, it may have taken longer. BUT if she knew that the pathology was back, shouldn't that be one of the first things that she tells us?


Anonymous said...

Seems like you guys are being treated like a number rather than a patient. That has to make it harder to be positive for David. I hope you can get out of that place ASAP!

Sarah R said...

That is ridiculous. I'm sorry, but you are parents with a baby who has cancer. Did they not think you'd be anxious and waiting for the results ASAP?!

I'm sorry this happened to you.