Saturday, November 29, 2008


The hospital thing is going...okay. It's not fantastic. It's the hospital. But The Boy is having a reasonable time. He is happy enough, and most of the time he feels okay. The first night here was absolutely miserable, but the next two nights were fine. I ended up staying, along with my mom, the first night because I fell asleep. The next night, my mother stayed, and last night, Musical Daddy stayed and they had guy's night. How cute.

We served him turkey for lunch today and it must have triggered some sort of nausea because he puked up a bunch. Ew. We meant to offer him some soup and fries, which are now cold. He's sleeping on Grandma.

The television is on, frequently, and he has his favorite videos. The room has a VCR but, sadly, no DVD player. The playroom has tapes, though. Goodnight Moon, of course, for sleepytime, and the Disney Sing-Along Songs "You Can Fly". He enjoys the music. When the tape ends, he points at the TV and looks at us.

He also has said "ap" a few times and pointed to apples! He likes apples, although he only takes a few bites at any given time. He picks up the whole thing and chomps away. Unfortunately, the apple a day doesn't really do the trick. Because the doctors still come.

Almost all of David's nurses are ones that we know already, many from his initial stay at the end of June. Today's nurse was the very first one that was caring for The Boy when we brought him in for his diagnosis.

So this is what we do. Every few weeks, we hang out here.

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