Saturday, November 8, 2008


The Boy got the all-clear to start nursing. He didn't have much--just a bit at 6:20 and a bit at 7:20. I offered again at 8:20, but it seemed as though he had too much gas in his stomach to be able to tolerate it. He had several truly disgusting burps, where we thought that he'd throw up but he didn't.

Speaking of disgusting, The Boy started pooping in earnest. He had 3 little poos, and then 3 BIG poos. They were THE most disgusting intestinal productions that I've ever smelled. Worse than the meconium at birth. Worse than his first poos after the last surgery. Nonetheless, we were so glad for him because it meant that his bowels were really waking up. We'll still have to wait awhile for steak and broccoli, though.

Many of the nurses down here in this unit have been pretty helpful and attentive; not so this afternoon, and the jury is still out on the night nurse. I'm pretty ticked off, as well, about the fact that it took SO long to get back in touch with surgery to have them tell us that he was able to nurse. They really should have told us something right away when they saw him in the morning, like "once he has big poo" or "8 hours after the NG suction comes out" or even "we'll check on him later today" and actually mean it.

New annoyance: The Boy is on the monitors, and pretty much every time he moves, his heart rate jumps up, setting off an alarm. SO annoying! We now know what button to press to shut it up for awhile, but sometimes it takes awhile for anyone to respond.

Heaven forbid he actually has some sort of cardiac episode--with the swiftness that we've experienced today...well...I'd rather not go there.

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Elana Kahn said...

I'm sorry the nursing staff at CHoP least you guys can be there 24/7 to make sure he's getting decent care. Nothing like mommy milk to make everything better. ;-)

Btw, I gave you the "I <3 Your Blog" Award! Go check it out on my blog and post to your own (if you'd like)!