Friday, November 7, 2008

Couch Tater

This is a picture of The Boy yesterday, sitting up for the first time in the ICU and getting ready for transfer down to the "regular" inpatient floor.

He is still not so interested in playing, and he's been watching TV all day, pretty much. Watching Goodnight Moon all day, to be precise. Right now we're watching "Word Girl" on PBS Kids.

This photo is in his new room, with some toys in front of him. The nose tape has been changed and looks a little less freaky. He has since had several tubes and devices removed--the morphine is gone, the foley catheter is gone, and the monitors are off for now. He will get the monitors put back on temporarily should he require a morphine shot, but he doesn't seem to be in majorly agonizing pain, just some discomfort.

We are still waiting for some poo. Until there is poo, he doesn't get to eat. Which means I will still be pumping. I have a huge bin in the fridge. Technically, I don't have to pump as often as I have been, because it is likely that once The Boy is ready to resume nursing, it won't take long to return to my normal supply, but I'd rather not risk it. It is unlikely that we'll really need all of this milk, but then again, I'll probably send a bottle or two with The Boy for the next few weeks as he continues his recovery.

Until he poos, and then is able to eat, we don't leave.

Come on, poop!

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Shauna said...

I'm glad he's doing so well! C'mon kiddo, poop!!!