Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bam! Kick it up a notch!

The Boy's chemotherapy regimen is going to change. Radically. Because of the new growth while on treatment, he is going to receive the same treatment as a Wilms Tumor patient who has relapsed. In a way, that is exactly what has happened.

The treatment is expected to take approximately two years and will be predominantly inpatient; three to five days in the hospital, followed by about 2 weeks off in which he will have his blood counts done, and then repeat. Likely, his first inpatient chemo will take place around Thanksgiving.

I will elaborate more on what this all means for our family in a later post, but although the light is visible at the end of the tunnel, it's mighty far away.

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Becky Froman said...

Hang in there Logical Mommy! I've learned that a "relapse" can mean that really, the first treatment didn't work because "one size doesn't fit all" in chemotherapy regimines, and I'm much more confident that the relapse treatment will kick cancer's ass!

-Sister of "Shewhohasawhy"