Monday, November 3, 2008

Let's do this (wolf! wolf!)

Surgery is really going to happen tomorrow. The Boy's numbers were good and he's feeling better. I was especially pleased that his hemoglobin and platelets had improved so much, even from Friday night. He had been on neupogen shots since Wednesday, but those are only to jump-start white blood cell growth.

I really hope that nothing gets messed up.

I'm annoyed by the fact that we had no way to find out the exact arrival time until sometime between 3:30-6:00 today for tomorrow's surgery. I am even more annoyed, on The Boy's behalf, that the arrival time is 10:30. That means that he doesn't have the surgery until, at the very least, 12:00. More like 2:00, probably.

Not sure if I mentioned this, but the surgeon instructed us to have The Boy on a clear liquid diet for the entire day before. Which, fortunately, includes breastmilk. They conceded that he could have breakfast, because we eat early. But he will have had nothing substantial to eat for probably 30 hours when he is getting ready to go in for surgery. Had we known, he would have at least had brunch today. Maybe even elevenses. I can't even imagine how miserable he'd be if he weren't nursing.

I'm looking forward to this being over. Not because we'll necessarily have less time left of David being on treatment, as the results of this surgery will likely yield more problems and stronger poison, but because hopefully it means no more trips to Philadelphia.


Cate said...

My prayers are headed in your direction. I pray that David comes out for the better and you don't have to make any more trips to Philly.

Jusrangers said...

Why do you keep writing the boy? You have to write Chaim David ben Miriam so that everyone knows who to daven for! A refua shleima!

Jennifer said...

I'll be thinking (praying) for David. He seems to be such a strong boy and I pray that he'll continue to be strong as he fights this!