Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend of Normal Things.

This is my 200th post!! Hooray for this blog!

Not bad considering that I only started this blog in July. It had to have been, because it was after The Boy's diagnosis and at the time, I was referring everyone to The Musical Daddy blog for all updates and info.

Last night, while reading Facebook updates on my iPod, I got a message from one of my work friends (who was a recent addition to my Facebook friend list) that another friend from work had finally succumbed to cancer, which she had been battling for awhile. I honestly had no idea that she was in such a state, as I had seen her at the end of the year. I remember telling her that I was pregnant. I remember all of the kind words and support that she gave me with regards to The Boy and his treatment, reiterating what her oncologist had said when she reported about my little guy. Something along the lines of "Oh, it's just Wilms Tumor." That was before the relapse but even so.

Cancer sucks.

Wilms Tumor is a pretty "easy" cancer in that it seems like so many people do come out on the other end of it and they're just fine. Statistically, the success with treatment is very very likely. Yet, in spite of the good odds, there have to be people who draw the short straw.

Again, cancer sucks.

We did, however, take advantage of our extra freedom this weekend. Friday night, we went out to Famous Dave's BBQ. The Boy enjoyed roasted chicken and corn on the cob--two of his favorite things ever. Saturday morning was our typical outing for breakfast at the diner (which we do about once a week provided that The Boy is feeling well). We putzed around the house for most of the day, which is fine.

Today, The Boy wasn't having any of this "go back to bed so Mommy can sleep" so we were actually out of bed at 7:30. We had breakfast all together, sort of. Hopping up and down to take care of various things, anyway. Doesn't matter to The Boy, who takes his breakfast of yogurt and bite-sized shredded wheat, and an egg today as well, VERY seriously.

We had a shower, played for a bit, and then went grocery shopping. By the time we got home, it was lunchtime. I got some Dr. Praeger's Fishies, which The Boy didn't seem to want to try. I have a feeling that he will like them, so I'll continue to offer them. And if he doesn't like them, then that's more for me. He does enjoy the whole-grain tortillas with cheddar cheese. He could eat those all day.

The Boy napped for about an hour and a half, and then Daddy got home. Webchat with the family out in California (brother-in-law and his family; not just any random family). Plans with friends were cancelled. No big--we went shopping at Big Lots (with a coupon, of course!) and then to Arirang for a wonderful Hibachi dinner.

Hibachi is actually quite a good time for a little guy like The Boy. Especially because they had rice available pretty much right away. Even so, the soup and salad come quickly, and food is gradually cooked and served. The show that is put on by the cook is always fun, and The Boy was sufficiently entranced. Furthermore, everytime someone announces a birthday, these rainbow disco lights went on and some birthday song played, which was also amusing for The Boy. With him, what could be wrong with chicken, steak, rice, a few veggies, and oddly enough, a lemon wedge? He did suck on the lemon a few times (weird...), but mostly he was interested in putting it in the glass and taking it out again.

Since The Boy had only had 1 nap today, and not an exceptionally long one, he was really ready for bed by the time we got home, and didn't really protest much with regards to the whole bedtime thing.

Rather different from the previous two nights, where his late afternoon nap with Daddy ended up being WAY too long, and as a result, he was not interested in bed at ALL until much later. Last night he was also throwing fitfitfitfitfits, possibly related to some new teeth--the back molars already!!!

I love it that the boys nap together. I will relax with them on occasion, but just as often I'll get out of bed and enjoy the alone time. More precisely, I use the time to cook dinner.

It's probably not the best thing for The Boy, to have a nap so late in the day. Rather, it isn't the best thing for him if we want him to go to bed at 8 or 8:30, which he should be doing. Many children at his age are down to 1 nap a day. The Boy is pretty flexible about his napping. Sometimes he'll do one nap. Sometimes he'll do two. He is fine with an earlier nap and/or a later one. As long as he gets a nap somewhere in there, we can be assured of a happy boy.

So it was a good weekend. We have until Wednesday night, at least, until anything happens in the medical department. Thus, a few days left of Boy with good blood counts and some semblance of an immune system. Tuesday is free pancakes at IHOP. They'll be shocked at the number of pancakes this boy can put away.

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