Sunday, February 8, 2009

And on the menu for today...

The Boy has been a little sick to his stomach this weekend. Friday snack, Friday dinner, and Saturday lunch were all seen again. I know that you didn't really want to know that, but I didn't either--yet here we are.

He is currently on a bland diet, which fortunately includes a normal breakfast of rice cereal with honey and vanilla yogurt. Rice cakes and applesauce serve as welcome snacks, but meals are a little trickier when he sees us eating more interesting food. We need to have learned from previous experiences--tuna and mac and cheese are NOT on the list.

He is off his Pepcid as per the doctor's recommendation, when I told her that taking the Pepcid sometimes makes him sick too. She agreed that it rather defeats the purpose of a stomach acid medicine if he just pukes from it. I am a little bit concerned, though, that it might have been doing him some good when we were able to get it in him successfully. Alternating it with his magical anti-nausea meds seems to work, but he doesn't always need those (sure did this week though).

Last night we went to a party for an uncle's 65th birthday. Technically, he is a cousin, but typically with the older generation of family, the title of "uncle" makes more sense. It was nice to see so much of Musical Daddy's family, especially since many of them have never met The Boy. Interestingly enough, the family all knew not to touch him, or to offer pats on the back which are pretty safe. Some guy that I didn't know tried to shake hands with him, and I had to step away and tell him that The Boy is a cancer patient and needs to keep his distance.

We'll keep things simple again today and perhaps serve some chicken to The Boy.

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Heather said...

Hi there. I enjoy reading your blog. I am abbygailsmom1 on webmd. I usually post on the 9-12 month board but have made some posts on the 1 year old as well.

I hope the boy gets some good food to eat. I would agree that tuna and mac and cheese would not be nice making an appearance. Good luck.