Saturday, February 21, 2009

LIttle Bum

The Boy has a skinny bum. Our niece says that it's something of a family trait, as she doesn't have a butt herself, even if she gains weight. But he REALLY has a skinny bum. I think it's gotten a little rounder over the past week since he has been eating so well. Furthermore, we get an extra week to let his bum get rounder.

He wears size 18 month pants and he is almost 18 months old. If he weren't in puffy cloth diapers, those pants wouldn't stay up. He fits in 24 month shirts a bit better; he has a long torso and short legs like Daddy.

Last night we were going to go out for Hibachi. Unfortunately, The Boy and Musical Daddy napped in the afternoon, and their siesta lasted until 7PM. By the time we were out the door and at the restaurant, the wait was just too long.

Instead, we went to Famous Dave's BBQ. Good choice for us. As soon as our plates were given to us and The Boy saw my corn on the cob, that was it--I knew I wasn't seeing a bite of it. He ate most of a chicken thigh and the entire 1/2 ear of corn. I enjoyed my barbecue chicken, corn muffin, garlic mashed potatoes, and The Boy's french fries, which were basically a trade for the corn.


We may try Hibachi tonight even so.

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Sarah R said...

I sold my cloth diapers a month ago and realized that Andrew's pants fall off with sposies on! He is so darn skinny. He's too tall for the 12 month size, but those fit him better in the waist. He does have a few pairs of 18 month size that fit--the Old Navy ones fit well.

And Famous Dave's sounds good! Yum!