Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The Boy had his evaluation for Early Intervention services yesterday evening. What they found was that he does qualify for physical therapy. Fortunately, his cognitive and social skills seem to be on track. The issues stem from the Vincristine, which he got during his first chemo regimen.

I'm pretty glad that he qualifies because it validates my concerns. I wasn't just being a crazy pushy mom, frustrated with my child being average at something. In fact, I was right to believe that there was a problem with a child only just taking his first steps at 17 months and rarely being able to walk for any practical purpose. When I bring him in for his appointments, I have him walk inside (not outside now, because the weather complicates things) holding my hand, and he'll go for a bit and then sit down. I don't think that he's being defiant; he just can't handle it.

He has an overall strength issue, which he compensates for by trying to use more muscles when performing tasks. His fine motor skills are good but just a little off.

I am EXTREMELY glad that we went the way we did with baby-led weaning and having him feed himself. He was quite good at it by the time he was diagnosed. With these issues coming up, I wonder how hard it would have been to get him to feed himself had we been giving him baby food with the spoon and the airplane game and all of that nonsense with which I couldn't be bothered.

So now we wait for the social worker to contact us and for us to set up a schedule for physical therapy. It will probably be fun for The Boy. Someone new will come to the house to play.

In other evaluation news, The Boy has a CT scan coming up. Most likely, it will take place on or around February 17th, at which point we will see what's going on in there. We're hoping for NO tumor or at least to see some shrinkage of the little bit that was left after the surgery. Of course, we are hoping for no regrowth and no spreading.

Not much else going on, really. We'll hit the mall tomorrow morning for a walk.

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Markbnj said...

btw, my kids (I'm way on the older side) both have special needs. older daughter has add, but was not diagnosed until 13), and son (now 15 {and adopted} has a whole alphabet after his name.

I became very conversant with the whole idea and need to advocate for your kids when we first started to deal with the school system...

Let me put this out here for you, if you ever need an unbiased non-partial advocate to help you in a IEP conference (especially in the beginning years of nursery and kindergarden...) please email me...

I would be happy to talk, help, assist, or perhaps even just go and be your tape recorder monitor and note taker. (that is REALLY such a relief to the parent in the IEP, you wouldn't believe it!)

good luck, and thanks for the info