Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm sick. Musical Daddy is sick. It doesn't seem as though The Boy is sick right now. Hopefully he was already sick and gave it to us...but I haven't eaten anything in about 24 hours. I have had some ginger ale and some vitamin water.

Grandpa is taking The Boy for a walk. I'm in bed. The Boy is a pretty good rester and was a good sport earlier today, napping next to me for about 2 hours while I sat in the chair watching TV. His counts were decent today considering that right around now is his low point for blood counts. Perhaps he will need platelets at his next blood check, but perhaps not. He is cooperating nicely for the finger stick, which is how they draw small amounts of blood from patients without finding a vein or accessing the port (which sometimes they have to do anyway if the patient is already there for some other IV medication). He used to cry hysterically, but this time he was fine, and he was even on Grandpa's lap instead of mine for the process.

The good news is that I don't have to go anywhere with The Boy until Thursday morning for his next blood check. I have orchestra on Wednesday night, and I should, hopefully, be well enough to go.

I'm going to try a nap and see how it goes.

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Caroline said...

Sorry to hear that you both aren't feeling well :( Hope it doesn't spread and that you all get better soon!