Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I insist!

We are feeling somewhat better today. We all had rice cereal for breakfast, and I'm feeling more human. The Boy is still feeling okay. It is his low point, count-wise, but he hasn't needed blood or platelets since right before his discharge after his last chemo. Yesterday's numbers were good enough, and he may go lower but not by much.

This morning, Musical Daddy returned to bed, and we joined him even though The Boy wasn't quite ready for a nap yet. Daddy wanted to sleep and asked me to take The Boy back outside, but when I did, he got SO SAD and cried at the bedroom door. He missed his daddy so much! Eventually he did nap, as did I, but it didn't last long. Now we're out in the living room; he's playing with ALL of his toys, and I'm still trying to rest a bit in the chair. I had a small bagel and some yogurt, which seem to be sitting reasonably well.

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