Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tired of waiting for you....

The scan today was a very short and simple procedure. They didn't seem to use much to put him under either, because once I got him back he was pretty much back to normal.

The waiting part was much longer than we expected. I kept him up a little later last night, on purpose, so that he'd be tired in the morning and maybe sleep a little extra. He didn't so much, although he did fall asleep right before he went in for the procedure, but he also didn't spend much time complaining about the fact that he was hungry.

I was worried about that, because this was the first time I had taken him in for a scan since he stopped nursing. Breastmilk is allowed 3 hours before sedation; food is not. But then again, he is older, and doesn't have the same 'round-the-clock eating requirements that a younger baby would have.

Right now, any minute in fact, we are awaiting the results of the scan. The doctor will call us and let us know what everything looks like. She says that she expects to find no evidence of disease (the magic NED!), no need for radiation treatment, and that chemo will continue with the next treatment starting on Friday. We hope she's right.

On the Wilms Tumor email group, they use the word "scanxiety" quite frequently. We've got it.

As soon as we hear something, so will you.

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Elana Kahn said...

Baaaah it's been an hour since you posted! Where are those doctors??