Monday, February 16, 2009

Not much ado...but scan tomorrow

We've had a long weekend, much needed, and it's been pretty lazy. I like the fact that neither my husband nor my son require too much in the way of being amused and are satisfied just to play or sit around or watch something.

The Boy has been gradually embracing the idea of walking, even though it is still not his primary mode of transportation. He will take a few steps from having pulled up onto something, and he will also push up from the floor. I think it depends how much energy he has, whether he'll do a lot of walking while he plays or not.

Tomorrow, The Boy has his CT scan. First one since before surgery and the new treatment regimen. They will be looking for any new growth in either the kidney bed, or lungs or abdomen (which we REALLY hope they don't find) as well as checking to see that the little bit of tumor that is left has shrunk or is gone. After they go over the scan, we will get our next direction. Likely, the next thing will be two more chemos in the new regimen, one of each type (5 day Cytoxan and Etoposide, then the Carboplatin and Etoposide 3 weeks later).

Nothing too new and exciting with Baby Bear (my new name for the impending bundle). Lots of...kicking and wriggling. I'm showing a little bit. Not much. Just like last time.

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Sarah R said...

Good luck with the scan! I hope that it goes well.

Yay for everything going well with Little Bear (that was Andrew's nickname when I was pregnant too, because my hubby's nickname is Bear). :)