Sunday, September 14, 2008

Up and Down, Down and Up

Friday morning was more of the same, so The Boy was eventually brought back to the center. In my panic, I thought that he might be needing a transfusion because the nurse said to put his EMLA cream on (that's the numbing cream that goes on the port before chemo). Fortunately he didn't; he just got some fluids (although my mother said that transfusions made her feel quite a bit better).

He was off of food from Friday lunch (some of which he had "lost" afterwards) until Saturday lunch. We were allowed to give him breakfast but since he had the same dramatic vomiting episode that morning, we opted not to. He did finish more than an entire sippy cup of diluted white grape juice, in addition to nursing every few hours. He had a few bites of lunch and a few bites of dinner, and this morning he seemed to be pretty much back to normal. He had eggs and a few bites of french toast and a few bites of rye toast.

I'm remembering that the last time he had Doxorubicin, the weekend afterwards, he had no appetite. I think that it's the same thing here, as he had Doxorubicin last week.

Right now he is in his crib fighting off a nap--I think that this time he won't fall asleep there like he did on Thursday. It is his normal naptime, though.

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