Friday, September 5, 2008

Eat it...don't you make me repeat it

But first a quick update on The Boy: long chemo today. Red pee chemo too. My mom took him today and my father-in-law and sister-in-law stopped by as well. Everything was fine with The Boy. They had to collect a urine sample, which is humorous (well not really) because of the collection method. The medicine is count-dependent and his counts were fine.

Today's topic diverts from the constant cancer talk because I've been thinking about it since I peered into the refrigerator this morning. My mother was here for over 2 weeks; my father was here for a week. Love them to pieces and they are amazing with The Boy. Helpful around the house and very willing to accommodate us.

However (and there's always a "however" that would follow such a string of compliments).

Since they have been here for awhile and have also done a portion of the food shopping and cooking, I have less of an idea as to what is in my refrigerator. I don't particularly like not knowing what is in there, how long it has been in there, who made it, who wants it, et cetera. What's worse is when I do have food in there that is supposed to be eaten and it doesn't get eaten. That happens when all of a sudden we go out to eat instead of eating the dinner that is already made.

Not a major deal and I don't think that I get too broken up about it, although I'd rather not waste food. There are also certain things that I don't like to eat as leftovers that Musical Daddy enjoys, like white meat chicken.

Another food management issue is that my mother has this thing in the supermarket where she just picks random stuff and decides that we're buying it. I have stopped going to the supermarket hungry and have found that it makes a big difference; I don't know if having eaten beforehand can remedy this condition in my mother. Perhaps I should just keep her away from the grocery store.

But I can't really do that--she loves the grocery stores here. The prices on kosher food are remarkable.

I'm not thrilled about the amount of junk I've eaten over the past few weeks but I'm not too broken up about that either. Since school is back in session, I feel pretty confident that by eating a healthy breakfast and lunch, I can get a good handle on my eating habits, such that a little more leeway will not make or break our stride.

I am, however, very glad that I made good lunches for The Boy. It's hard to know what to pack for a 1-year-old but he does a pretty good job of eating his meals. He powers through grapes and soybeans, and he delights in pita with hummus. He does okay with chicken and assorted veggies although last night he had steak for dinner and powered through more of it than I did. So much so that there weren't really too many leftovers.

I need to clean out the fridge, though, and take stock of what is in there. If I am careful with my grocery shopping and fridge/freezer inventory, I can cook maybe 3 times a week and have lunch and dinner prepared for that entire week.

I'd be happy to suggest meal options for anyone who is interested in how to feed a health-conscious weightlifting male, a semi-active female with a bottomless pit for a stomach, and a 1-year-old who will eat anything under the sun and has amazing manual dexterity.


Band Momma said...

This is what I do with left-over chicken. It can be transformed into chicken salad, chicken pot pie, a quick chicken and mushroom dish over rice, or a soup. I don't know how those dishes fit into a Kosher Kitchen though. Hope that helps. I'm glad you're seemimg a little more at ease after the surgery mix-up. Working motherhood can be taxing without the cancer scenario. I give you loads of credit. I started blogging by the way. You convinced me. Love and prayers. Pat a.k.a. Band Momma

linda1019 said...

I heard that your Mother was amazing and shops for and prepares wonderful meals.

the mol said...

I heard that too! Funny about that, what you hear when you listen to...yourself!

Hi mom!

Musical Daddy said...

Of course, it's easy to feed me. I'll pretty much eat anything that you put in front of me, including leftovers that have been in the fridge for a day or two too long. Whatever. As long as it fits in my mouth (and isn't complete fake-food crap), I'll eat it.