Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We have some resolution, for now, with regards to The Boy's treatment status. Starting at the end: he will not be having surgery very soon at all. The surgery will be much later.

In speaking with the new doctor, he reminded us that the tumor in the right kidney is still an unknown. It may be a nephrogenic rest. It may be more Wilms Tumor. Or it could be something else. Given The Boy's good health otherwise, the first two options are more likely. He has to have an MRI soon, just for another look.

Another sedation. Great. But at least the doctor said no more contrast solution. That was such an exercise in futility.

The tumor did respond to chemotherapy and did become more circumscribed, but it didn't really shrink. The doctor wants him to continue his current course and for them to see more response to the chemotherapy. He has Doxorubicin this week. Yay for red pee.

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