Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's all good...(according to the new dictionary)

The Boy was pretty much his normal self today. He ate his breakfast without any fanfare and was his charming self at the center today.

All medical issues that he has go through the oncology center although he is going for his 1 year "well" visit on Tuesday. No vaccines, though, because of his being compromised from the chemo. He'll catch up on his vaccines after he's done.

Anyhow, I told them that The Boy was a little stinker who was just sick so that Mommy would stay home with him and now that Mommy is locked into skipping work today, he can be all better. The doctor said that it was probably just a stomach thing.

They went ahead and did his chemo that was supposed to be tomorrow, causing me to have to reschedule Aunt M.'s visit. I would have just had Aunt M. come back (and I could have gone to work, too) but they had already ordered the chemo and they can't exactly save it.


Next week The Boy has an MRI. Another sedation, too. Hopefully they won't be stupid enough to ask The Boy to drink anything this time. So Aunt M. is probably going to take him. Right before the MRI, he'll be getting his blood counts. It's a week without chemo! Wahoo!!

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