Thursday, September 25, 2008

I don't think this was what they meant

Starting from the end, The Boy did not get his chemo today. His white counts were too low. This happened last time with the Actinomycin-D as well, and it was pushed from week 6 to week 7. We're on week 12 and he'll get his chemo early next week instead. It's good news, though, only because from Monday to now the counts have improved quite a bit.

One of the problems that we started noticing this week was a diaper rash, really nasty. Ms. R, the babysitter, told me on Tuesday that she found some prescription cream in the diaper bag and had she not, she would have recommended that I get some for him. Today, when I was re-packing the diaper bag to go to the treatment center, I noticed that his EMLA numbing cream was in the front pouch along with the Balmex diaper cream...I'm thinking...I haven't used the EMLA in awhile...uh oh...

The EMLA is the cream that we put on the port so that when the nurse pokes it with the needle to access it, it doesn't hurt so much because it is numb. I called Ms. R and asked her what color the tube was that she had been using and it was, in fact, the yellow and white tube. I told her that we should have been more clear in indicating what was what in there, and that the correct stuff for diaper rash was called Vusion and it comes in a blue and white tube.

The nurses and the oncologist had a good chuckle about it.

And in the meantime, The Boy had numb nuts.


Sarah R said...

Oh no! Glad there was no harm done. If the nurses chuckled about it, I guess that would make me feel a little better too.

Sarah R said...

By the way, I tagged you in my blog! :)

Sarah said...

Numb nuts.... LOL I am happy your able to find some humor in this!

Jennifer said...

LOL - I guess at least it helped with the pain of a rash! :)

I don't know much about Chemo, but from what I've read recently, it's good that they are keeping an eye on his WBC #. It's better to be safe.

I know you guys will be SO happy when this is all done.