Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He gives me fever...

The Boy has been getting sick recently, which is, of course, unnerving for us.


Several times now this has happened: we put him in his high chair to eat a meal, and he coughs and coughs, makes these horrible noises that sound like burping and growling, and then pukes up about a teaspoon of...goop. Each time so far that this has happened, he has felt just fine after a quick cleanup and sip of water and has gone on to enjoy a meal. Today apparently he didn't want to eat much (and it had gone the same way as soon as he was strapped in the high chair) and something similar happened at lunchtime although it seemed to have been pasta-related. I was fortunate enough to miss these happenings today.

He also has been pooping differently, especially today. And some of the poop was green which is never a good sign. I do get to see the poop every day because I have to rinse the dipes. Very exciting indeed.


I called the doctor's office and recounted all of this for her. She said that it is likely a bit of gastroenteritis, which is not a big deal (so...really not a big deal? Or not a big deal the way that a Wilms tumor is not a big deal?) but she'd like to see him tomorrow just to be sure.

I knew that we weren't going to escape from this whole to-do without having The Boy experience some symptoms but I guess somewhere in the back of my mind was that little iota of hope that he'd just sail through it all, no problem.

He's still the sweetest little boy ever and I love him to bits.

Oh, and the title is erroneous because he has no fever, but I couldn't think of any other song titles that deal with illness other than Flyleaf's "I'm So Sick" and I'm not the one who is sick thank goodness.

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