Friday, September 19, 2008

All told, a much better week

Nothing urgent enough to post to the blog, anyway.

This week The Boy was MUCH better health-wise. He ate well, nursed well, and may even be done with his daytime bottle thing (that would be awesome because then I wouldn't have to pump...the freezer stash is very nearly gone). He has been pretty good about drinking water/diluted juice as well.

Good thing, because his hemoglobin was low this week. Not majorly so, but the nurse said that we should keep an eye on him and make sure he gets lots of fluids, and we should call if he has any problems.

This evening, I had every intention of going to Shabbat services. I figured that The Boy and I would nap for an hour or two, have dinner, bath for The Boy, and then go pray. I got the 2-hour nap for myself; The Boy decided to go back to sleep for an additional hour and a half, meaning that he woke up at 7:15. Services are at 8, and he hadn't eaten. Neither had I. I defrosted some meatballs and cooked some rice noodles. BIG hit! I think he ate two whole meatballs. At least...which is a lot for a little guy! Hopefully the iron in that and in the spinach I've been feeding him will help him. But anyhow, you can't get a small child to eat dinner in 5 minutes so that he can get a bath and go to services. He just doesn't get it, nor would I ask him to.

Speaking of spinach and veggies in general, I'm not sure if it's the chemo or the fact that he's been eating so many different foods but he just doesn't inhale the veggies like he used to. I put some tomato sauce on the spinach yesterday and today, and he ate most of it happily. He really seems to enjoy the tomato sauce.

He's just SO sweet. I love his disposition. I love how he smiles at everyone and is starting to become friendly. Yesterday, we went to the playground and there was a little girl, about 10 months, in a stroller (he's twice her size). He was standing up while holding onto her stroller and just smiling at her and trying to interact. He watches the other kids at the playground. I'm excited that he is interested in more things on the the tunnel and the slide. And all of the stairs. But he still LOVES the swings. I have so many pictures on my phone of The Boy laughing his head off on the swings.

Tomorrow we may go see Musical Daddy with his band at a competition. The Boy will surely enjoy it.

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