Sunday, May 29, 2011

They grow out of it, and into it

Today was the first pool day of the season, and it was amazing to watch how the boys have changed since the end of last summer. The Boy was still not quite at full strength back then, and Meatball was still a baby, and didn't walk much if at all. Now they are both very comfortable at the baby pool, to the point where one of us could comfortably go with the two kids.

I'm frustrated that more often than not, bathtime is preceded by me getting hit by The Boy. He gets nasty and doesn't want to cooperate when it comes to stopping whatever he is doing for his bath. When I remember, I can avoid some of the struggle by letting him know ahead of time what's coming up. That occasionally works. Sometimes. But if I forget to do that, then I get "No! Stop! You have to stop!" and he swipes at me. My own advice to others about stuff like this is that eventually they'll look back and realize that their child doesn't do that annoying thing that s/he used to do because eventually behaviors are outgrown. So I have to follow my advice and while I continue to demonstrate positive behaviors and walking away from the kids when they hit (assuming a safe situation of course), this stuff won't go away until The Boy grows out of throwing fits and hitting and develops a better sense of timetables and tasks. It's something we had to work on with potty training, and it's still part of the rhetoric around here (Gotta stop what I'm doing and run run run to the potty) but getting a child to do something because it's "time" rather than because they really need to is a challenge. Maybe it's better to let him decide what we are going to do. Although he probably picks "stay home and play iPad all day, and by the way Mom, baths are for suckers."

It's a fun age. For both boys. Fun to see how Meatball is really a little person. Fun to watch both children get smarter and learn more every day. Less fun when they are cranky or talking back, but some of that forces a reexamination and adjustment. Also less fun when Meatball is woken up multiple times when trying to sleep.

As for baby #3, he seems to want to play, which is funny. I'll chase him around my belly, and feel feet (I hope) near my belly button. A few days ago, I was playing cello and he just wanted to get close to the instrument.

Also, I have a second interview for a great elementary string orchestra teaching job in a few days. Wish me luck. Especially since there is a playing component, and I have to get my pregnant self around a double bass...

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mamapoekie said...

hey, you're pregnant again! Congratulations! WHen are you due? Me December 27th