Friday, June 3, 2011

Earning my keep

Today I've been substituting in a class where the students are done and the teacher left movies. Super. But the teacher is on a trip and the kids need a babysitter.

I had a second interview for a job on Wednesday. Today, we are awaiting a call to see if I make it to the next level. Haven't heard yet. I'm starting to feel less optimistic.

Musical Daddy and I are in a position where we are both actively seeking employment,and whomever gets it will go to work. That means that the other will be the stay-at-home parents to the THREE boys and doing occasional musical activities. If this job that I'm going for doesn't go through, there are a few, and I mean a FEW, others, for which we've put in.

As usual the instability is quite unsettling.

The children are doing well. Just peachy. Today is The Boy's last day of preschool, then we have a week free, and after that, BOTH boys start summer camp. Which is the same school, complete with the same teachers for The Boy, but the activities will be different and they'll just have lots and lots of fun. I'm excited for Meatball to get to go too, because he loves just to go there, and I think he'll enjoy making friends and meeting new people.

I just hope they're ready for him. But then again, I think he's a lot more typical for his age in terms of his emotional development than The Boy. So he'll do fine. Actually, they're a lot closer together in that respect. And in clothing size--the hand-me-downs are pretty direct around here, despite the nearly two-year age difference.

Tonight I'm going to attempt Tot Shabbat again with The Boy. Just him, though. Meatball isn't going until he's a little older, because he just doesn't ever cooperate. They both save their worst behavior for shul, it seems, but who knows, maybe The Boy will be good tonight. However, if he didn't take a nap and throws a total fit before leaving the house, I'll have learned from the experience of a few weeks ago. And I'll STAY HOME.

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Alina said...

Here we hand me down directly from one girl to the next despite an almost 4 year age difference! So I wouldn't feel bad if I were you, I think 2 years pretty much implies direct hand-me downs :)
As for the interviews, don't despair, it's most likely not you, but they are probably put off by your size (haha) and impending new mommyhood, don't you think? I have another friend who is pregnant and looking for a job and it's not going well :(
SAHM of 3 boys doesn't sound too bad to me!