Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Lunch Bunch

This week, Meatball and The Boy started "camp" at the preschool. The Boy was pretty much used to the whole routine, complete with already knowing his teachers, but for Meatball, it was all new. His first day seemed fine. They reported that he was happy, had fun, didn't cry, didn't get upset, and seemed a bit tired toward lunchtime but that was to be expected.

Another perk is that for the summer, they are okay with using his regular cloth diapers. When "school" is in session and it's a bigger group, they would prefer not to. That's fine.

One of the exciting things about Meatball's experience is that he gets to have lunch with The Boy and his friends. Some of the littler kids go home at 11:30, but since The Boy is already staying, and likely there are others with sibs who stay later, Meatball also stays until 12:30 and eats lunch. It was VERY cute on Tuesday to see them sitting at the little tables together with some of The Boy's friends. The two sat next to each other and had other little friends with them.

Also, Meatball has been going up to The Boy, hugging him, and saying "friend!" which is adorable.

I've been packing lunches for The Boy for several months now, and I have to pack for Meatball now as well. He goes 2 days a week; The Boy goes 4 days. Anything that I pack has to be relatively easy for the children to manage, but since they are so good with their food, that's pretty much everything. Although no cups of yogurt; bowls only, because cups are more difficult. I asked some friends about what they pack for their kids, just to get some new ideas. One friend said that she packs pancake sandwiches. You had me at "pancake" as there are few things that my kids get excited about the way that they do about pancakes.

We still are struggling with transitions, particularly with The Boy. He just doesn't want to stop what he's doing to go somewhere, no matter how awesome the place we go might be.

He is also having some random pee accidents. Doesn't seem like anything more than him pushing the envelope of how long he can hold it and just not wanting to stop what he's doing. But he is usually pretty receptive to the idea of going to the bathroom, so if we suggest that he go, he tends to listen.

I'm sure I've said this before, but potty training your child does not mean that you cease to be responsible for bathroom habits. Whether your child trains at 18 months or at age 4, you're still thinking about their bathroom needs until age 5 or 6 at least. If nothing else, you have to be sure to find the potty wherever you go. And the absolute worst is the almost-trained or just-trained kid when you're not using pull-ups/diapers, because if a kid goes in the diaper, you have time. Not a lot, because you don't want an uncomfortable child, but things are contained, so as long as you find somewhere to change him/her quickly. Accidents in underpants need to be cleaned right away.

As for the 3rd child...I've got 4 weeks until my EDD but he can take his time. I'm getting suitably round.

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