Thursday, June 16, 2011

On the Road

Tomorrow, The Boy and Daddy are leaving for a weekend trip to help a friend move. Sad, because his friend split from his wife, although it seems to be a relatively amicable parting of ways. And she gets the dogs, no argument. No children. It should be fun for The Boy because he'll get lots of one-on-one attention from Daddy and from family out there. Also, it should be nice for Meatball to have me ALL to himself for the weekend. It's a concern that I have, that once the baby arrives, they'll miss Mom.

Let's be honest--The Boy has done this before. He figured out pretty quickly that Daddy is the best anyway, so he may not mind sharing me, although sharing Daddy will be a much bigger issue. For Meatball, sharing Mom will be an issue, but he'll get through it by spending time with everyone else. I think that The Boy is going to have a harder time adjusting than Meatball. But we shall see.

This evening we had a little bit of Father's Day festivities, since they will be gone. They'll be with Grandpa out in NJ. We had an early dinner and some cake, and the boys made presents at camp.

The first week of camp at the preschool seems to have been a success for both kids. A lot of The Boy's friends from his class are there. Meatball had just a few kids with him in his group, which is fine because the whole thing is new to him. So while they are there, I've been teaching my music lessons that normally have taken place in the evening and, for lack of a better word, we've been "nesting" around the house, him more so than me.

For actual Father's Day, we are hoping to get some kosher Chinese take-out. And more cake, of course.

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