Monday, May 9, 2011


Mother's Day was. We had a relatively enjoyable day, although not necessarily the typical mom-as-pampered-princess type of day. Not that I expected it, or wanted it.

I said to my mother that Mother's Day isn't necessarily about "freedom FROM mothering" to which she responded that, sure, it was. Not really, because kids as small as mine don't really know the difference. They still need Mom.

The Boy had a fever, and, as we discovered today, has another ear infection. Now what I'm wondering is, do the ear infections have to do with the hearing aids or the start of school? Both happened around the same time. So yesterday he was a little cranky and irritable. And now we have the wonderful antibiotics and the accompanying loose stools to go with them.

Meatball is getting better at the bed thing. Interestingly enough, he has had a few poos late at night, or at naptime, and he'll get up out of bed and stand by the changing table. Good thinking, kid.

We did have a grilled dinner, courtesy of my father and me. I don't mind cooking. I enjoy it--I like being able to prepare the food and present the food, preferably with someone else amusing the kids, but they can "help" if they're around. Also, it's nice that someone else will usually do dishes for me.

And we had cake.

Today, I worked. It's interesting how after spending only a few days working for someone, I can figure out SO much about them and the way that they do their job.

Only about 2 months until I become a mother of 3. I'm getting rounder every day.

I hear...boys.

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