Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Unpleasant, plus good news

Any time that pop becomes the central focus, things get unpleasant.

So does The Boy.

Yesterday was "scan" day, and he didn't want to pee then either, to the point where he had an accident right there and wiped out any chance of us getting a urine sample that day.

Most important was the news that The Boy remains with NED status. Not that we aren't perpetually worried, but the pop stuff was still on our minds. The oncologist brought up the point that a virus could cause the constipation. Odd to me because usually viruses go the other way. The Boy's white count was elevated, with nothing else wrong, which corroborated the doctor's theory. Fun for everyone. But still not a big deal by comparison, either to our cancer struggles in the past or the GI struggles of some of our cancer friends.

So it's been a rough time. MiraLax in the morning, and complaints from The Boy. He hurts, he says.

Meatball has been great through all of this. Very pleasant and cooperative. I think he knows.

I'm just glad that now that the looser poo has started, The Boy used the real toilet. Nothing worse than cleaning runny poo out of Elmo Potty.

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