Sunday, May 15, 2011

You don't have to thank me...

The resident here in the ER came in to check out The Boy. She did the basic exam, such as listening to his chest and back and checking his ears and mouth. Then she had to look at his bum. Following that, she did a rectal exam and found no masses and no blood, and nice soft tissue.

He was quite cooperative. I think he remembers how to be cooperative for doctors even if he doesn't completely remember his hospital experiences.

We asked him to say "thank you" to the doctor. She was charmed, and said "you don't have to thank me for a rectal exam." Very quotable.

I don't know if the ER docs get a lot of "thank you."

On a similar note, we walked back with someone who seemed to be a grandmother, with a girl who was about 6 and didn't seem to be in too bad a state. She was very irritated at having had to wait. We said that we'd rather have to wait than be such an urgent case as to get fast-tracked.

She didn't get it. And with any luck on their part, they never will.

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