Sunday, May 1, 2011


Spring in Western PA tends to be heavy on the April showers. We get just enough warmth and sunshine to trick us into thinking that our Spring and Summer wardrobes need to come out and then it doesn't matter because we seem to have so few places to go.

The Boy is sick with a cold and is wheezing, so we will be calling the doctor in the morning.

One of the highlights of today's indoor activities was time spent playing on the Wii. In addition to enjoying the Wii Fit "obstacle course," we also played with the little characters (called Mii for those who haven't seen it before). We made a Mii for several of The Boy's school friends and one of his teachers. He picked some of their features in order to make the Mii look more like the friend, and then he would tell me how to spell the person's name. I helped, but he really seems to know how to spell those names!

Yesterday was the eye doctor for us grownups followed by a rare treat--The Original Pancake House! It isnt particularly close by, but it us near the eye doc. We have IHOP nearby, which is nice, but this is much better. And the kids were SO hungry, and so excited for pancakes.

Unfortunately I seem to be getting whatever The Boy has. Cold or something. I'm wiped.

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