Sunday, May 15, 2011

The ER, local traffic

Haven't been here in awhile.

Once, with Meatball, last October or so. We waited a LONG time. Hours.

Today is our first time here with The Boy since we got kicked out of the express lane. He's still in pretty bad shape so will be seen soon, hopefully. They did vitals already, within half an hour.

So what's wrong with him? Well, yesterday he had to poo, and couldnt. We did a suppository (actually, Grandma did) and he went, and felt better. For awhile. Then the next time he went, there was some blood in there and he was in pain. He felt well enough to attend my concert last night, but by this morning, he was in pain more than not. When we had talked to the doctor first, he said do the suppository. Next conversation was regarding the blood in his stool and the pain. The doctor said Tylenol and Orajel. Tylenol by mouth, Orajel on the bum. Not the original design, but it's for numbing, so...

Anyhow, since he was worse, and remained worse, the doctor said to bring him to the ER for some X-rays.

It was exactly an hour from the time we arrived until we were back in a room.

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