Friday, May 27, 2011

Now hear this

Today was fun. At The Boy's school they had a lunch, to "welcome summer" and for teacher appreciation. Families invited. Our boys were good (except for a few times when we had to go looking for them...). Musical Daddy was a little kid magnet--several of The Boy's friends engaged in various forms of Daddy-tackling, and a boy who is David's good buddy actually sat on his lap. I think he would make a great preschool teacher, although I don't see him doing well with the inherent gender stereotyping issues.

He has recently explored this topic, so I won't get too into it, but I find that many of the issues with men/fathers just not knowing what they are doing and not being as competent with babies and little kids just don't apply to Musical Daddy. He does defer to me on certain issues, such as infant feeding and carseat safety, because I have done the research and/or possess the equipment. But he always knows what is going on with the kids and is very aware of what they need at any given point, even if what they "need" is to run around the house with no pants on singing the ABC's.

He is a natural when it comes to the little ones. And he is SO excited to have another itty bitty boy coming soon.

After the lunch, we went home for our very nice rest.

Then I had the distinct pleasure of taking The Boy for an ear irrigation. His audiologist saw him yesterday and let me know that he had a lot of wax buildup in there and it was likely contributing to increased feedback in the hearing aids. It wasn't fun, and he cried about it. I had to hold him on my lap which is, fortunately, pretty uncommon these days, but I haven't forgotten and he probably hasn't either. After it was done and he got stickers and we walked out, I asked him if it hurt or if it was just annoying, and he said it was annoying; I hope he understood that and was telling the truth, because if it did hurt, I'd rather that he feel fine in saying so. I haven't has this procedure done, but that's what I've heard about it.

I realized later this evening that I should have referenced the page in One Fish, Two Fish where the guy has a bird in his ear. I did ask him later if that's why he needed the ear cleaning, and he said yes. Silly boy.

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