Monday, September 27, 2010


The Trust Fall is an exercise in which one person leans backwards, releasing his grounding, and trusts that a person behind him will catch him. This afternoon, as I played with Meatball on the kitchen floor, he pretty much replicated this activity with me, except he was sitting, facing away from me. Then he leaned back.

Of course I caught him. Then he did it again.

It's a fun little metaphor for the relationship that I have with my younger son. He is little--all he really can do is trust that I'll look out for him.

As for The Boy, we've been dealing with trust issues as they relate to his toileting habits. He is beginning to trust that I'm not just trying to ruin his fun by suggesting bathroom visits, and I trust him that when he says he'll go after the puzzle is done or after the show is over, he will (except when he forgets...but usually he'll get it done when reminded).

I'm trusting him quite a bit this evening--he wanted to sleep in underpants.

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