Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting geared up...again...

I have a job interview on Monday. A real interview for a real job.

I've also been making some progress in getting in to substitute-teach in various districts. This requires a lot of hustling around, so it would be very fitting for it all to be for naught, and me to get this job for which I interview on Monday.

The job is middle school orchestra and chorus. That's what I do. I don't actually have much experience teaching middle school chorus but I know how, and I certainly sing. It seems like a pretty good school. 3 grades, about 300 kids per grade. Pretty good test score performance.

Lousy commute. Not out of the question ridiculous, but something like 48 minutes according to Google Maps, and that's without traffic. It's far.

Were I to get this job, we'd move next schoolyear. May as well save the money for a good down payment.

I'm really trying not to get too invested in the possibilities here. I've been disappointed multiple times.

I'm also trying to do fun stuff with my kids, because whether I'm substituting a few days a week or working full-time and far away, I'll be gone for portions of the day. I also have a few lessons that I'm teaching. Little kids on violins.

Today we went to an apple orchard and market. It was HOT, so the outdoor activities were less fun. Next time, we'll go when it isn't 90 degrees out. And we'll actually take the time to buy some apples. But the kids still had a good time. There were things to climb on, treats to eat, and stores for shopping.

Meanwhile, Musical Daddy is also getting some lessons, is looking into a church job, and might even have something else coming up.

All of this family time together has been amazing, though. And it's so nice, particularly compared with the hours that Musical Daddy used to put in at an ultimately worthless piece of garbage job. One or the other of us gets to go out from time to time, to exercise or shop or teach lessons or go to rehearsal. On rare occasions, we leave the kids with the grandparents and we go out together. But most of the time, it's us. And the kids. We didn't know how much we needed all that time together until we realized that it's been months that we have spent almost every hour of every day together and we don't despise each other. I look at Musical Daddy and his relationship with BOTH of his sons, and I don't think there are very many fathers who know their kids like he does.

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