Sunday, September 19, 2010

Break the Fast Highlights

I was actually able to fast the entire time, with the exception of some water that I drank because I'm still nursing a little boy. I'm surprised--I thought it would be more difficult especially considering that I hadn't done it in several years.

We had a big break the fast get-together at our house. Much of this was my mother's doing, as she has been hosting this for years. I added a few things to the menu, like a cauliflower and chick pea dish, and my quinoa salad that never made it to the table. I did a little bit of prep work, but most of it was my mother and our wonderful helpers.

Some funny/interesting highlights:

Musical Daddy proves once again that he was meant to be around babies. One of the families, friends of ours, has a little girl who is about 5 or 6 months old. Musical Daddy volunteered to hold her while her parents ate, and she played and laughed and had a kickin' time. Apparently she isn't the type to be friendly with everyone so that was an accomplishment.

Meatball tripping, hitting his head, and falling into the lap of his pediatrician who was one of our guests. He and another doctor present (one of at least 4) agreed that stitches wouldn't really be necessary. I was glad that he was right there and I didn't have to call him. Also, we saw the other pediatrician at services today, who said that she had called us back after we had already gone to the ER with Meatball. I told her that I was glad we went, because even though we had to wait a long time, they actually did something to make him better.

I received a compliment from another guest for nursing Meatball. It's a good thing, anyway, that it is recognized as a good thing and a normal thing. Even better, the guest in question is a 25-year-old med student. Not sure yet what type of medicine she is going into, but considering that there are so many doctors that have no problem telling mothers that breastmilk pretty much turns into kool-aid after 6 months, it's good to know that at least one more who doesn't hold that opinion.

Musical Daddy getting to watch the Yankees game with a fellow fan.

The Boy, talking to lots of people and running laps around the house.

No fights, no scuffles, no disagreements, and lots of happy eating people.

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