Saturday, September 4, 2010

Toy Run and Scary Potty

Today was definitely too cold for the pool. Tomorrow we are going on the Gateway Clipper Fleet boat tour, as it will still not be pool weather.

Instead, we went to go use some Toys R Us gift cards. Highlights of the trip included introducing Meatball to the classic Ball Popper toy (which we got for him, of course), letting The Boy ride one of those little two-wheelers with training wheels and seeing him actually pedal a few times, and The Claw. One of those grabby things.

Lowlights included being out past naptime, a wrong turn resulting in a detour through a bunch of southeastern Pittsburgh suburbs, and, worst of all, the evil possessed auto-potty.

I get that the automatic flush is nice for sanitary reasons but when you have a potty-training 3-year-old who is trying to relax and go, and somehow the way he sits triggers the auto-flush, it's a bad scene. Also, you'd think that at a place like Toys R Us, they would have a fun kid bathroom, considering how many of the customers are parents with little kids.

It's funny, as your kids get older, you start to notice things on their behalf that are age-appropriate, and you get upset for them when accommodations are lacking. I was frequently aware of what places were likely to have changing tables and high chairs; now I'm becoming aware of bathroom friendliness.

The Boy is not one of those kids who gets scared to poo, and he is not extremely set in his ways, but he does have a preference for potties that are not scary.

We love the 3rd floor at the hospital, because they have tiny toilets! Although we are mighty glad we don't spend too much time there, it is nice when we do go, for appointments and such, to have such a thing, particularly given The Boy's fascination with big and little.


Shannon said...

My daughter is 6 and still doesn't like public toilets. I read somewhere that if you put a post it note over the sensor (or something else I guess) it won't go off. You can then remove it when you're done. I personally don't carry post-it's with me, but it's a thought.

Toy's R Us is always a fun place to hang out with the kids.

Jennifer said...

I know what you mean. One of our (new)parks has these weird looking metal toilets in dimly lit rooms. Back when 1st potty training I had to convince her to sit on It and then it flushed. No more public potties for at least 2 weeks. What were they thinking?? We still have some Is@ues...definitely will not go on a metal potty.

You can drape toilet paper over the sensor too, but some are built into the wall.

I did 4years of time at Toysrus. They used to focus on making bathrooms more "Mom" friendly. They really should do. that more.

MeTalk said...

So true! The auto flush sensor potties are the worst. When we began potty training Aurora she would practically jump off of the toilet when the thing went off in the middle of her going lol.

I loved Disneyland's baby care center, those potties are adorable. She loved them too!