Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emergency Room -- GenPop

I am currently in the ER with Meatball, who is experiencing some respiratory distress. He also has a fever and congestion.

Additionally, this is a super time for me not to have a phone, as mine stopped working on Saturday. So I get to have iPhone. Hopefully my phone comes tomorrow.

Anyhow, Meatball has been sniffly since Sunday night, but it seems like today is the first day with the fever. This afternoon, when I tried to suction his nose, he started bleeding. All of these things were normal, but the labored breathing, all stopped up, and inability to really eat or drink, made me think that ER was the place.

I packed a bag, just like the old days, and I'm prepared to stay awhile. I didn't eat before I left, though, and now I am REALLY hungry.

Meatball is snuggling on my lap. That pretty much never happens; that's another sure sign that something is wrong.

But it's different, just having a "normal" patient.

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Musical Daddy said...

Just think... next summer, that could be YOUR iPhone! 8) We wound up not going to Eat'N'Park. The Boy asked, quite politely, to have cereal for dinner. Whatever.