Sunday, March 28, 2010

To do tomorrow:

Finish cleaning out hametz (non-Passover food). This includes giving a bag of non-perishables to my father-in-law to take to the church where Musical Daddy used to sing.

Side note: with Easter also coming up, I do think about that church and how nice everyone was, and what a fun time I had singing with them.

Also to do: pack! The boys' stuff is packed, husband's is as well, mostly. I haven't started mine.

Any last items to buy or get rid of, my sister and I will handle.

Yes, my sister came to visit! Not the one who lives here. The one who lives in MD.

I want to leave in the evening; Daddy prefers to spend more time at home, leaving the following morning or afternoon. I can certainly understand; I just want the boys to have the best time. With The Boy not needing counts, we have the freedom to leave whenever.

Of course, we are still grateful to have him out of the hospital.

We had fun fun and more fun today!!! Lots of playing, and great meals for everyone.

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