Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Evening.

The gem of the evening:

In the tub, The Boy has three little wind-up toys--Elmo in a submarine, Eeyore in a boat, and an ordinary blue alligator. The Boy knows that alligators have a tendency to bite, because there is a website we visit (letters, naturally), where there is an alligator who opens his mouth and I make a grand gesture that the alligator has bitten me.

So it was a grand old time with The Boy's bath, and I had the wind-up toys going. He grabbed the alligator, had him slinking up the side of the tub, and right to my knee! Oh no--the alligator bit me!! This was HILARIOUS to The Boy. And the thing that really made it funny was the manner in which he manipulated the alligator--slowly sneaking the toy closer and closer to me and then suddenly he would make it jump out at me.

I didn't work today, figuring that I'd attempt to get my driver's license transferred. I learned that my "proof of residence" had to consist of me bringing one of my parents to the DMV. Therefore, it wasn't something that Musical Daddy and I could do together, not if we wanted to avoid bringing The Boy there. Too bad they don't do that on Mondays. What we were able to do while we were out there (it wasn't that far away anyway) was get a digital adapter for our bedroom TV, as we haven't been able to get many channels recently. We also bought shoes for Meatball! They are so cute! He was measured for shoes and was just over a size 4, so we bought size 5 shoes for him. He looks very grown-up wearing shoes. The Boy got a pair of Buzz Lightyear shoes, and Grandma and I each got some new shoes as well. Hey--it's Payless Shoes, so we didn't spend much, and if I was actually asking to buy shoes, it must mean that I need them, because I hate shoes.

Before all that, I took Meatball on an errand to get some paperwork for Musical Daddy and to the pharmacy to get Benadryl for Musical Daddy. I also looked for the "non-drowsy" kind, only to have the pharmacist tell me that they didn't make that and they never did. Um...what? I distinctly remember a pink pill and a blue pill. She figured out that whatever I was thinking of was basically Benadryl plus Sudafed--something to bring you down with something to keep you up. No thank you--not sure if it really was a good idea to mix all that with Musical Daddy's current medicine regimen. Sleepy Benadryl it is.

We had a delicious dinner of steak, chicken wings (for Aunt W who doesn't do steak), rice with black beans, stir-fry veggies, and chicken soup. Meatball had some steak too. Naturally, since it is meat, he loved it.

Musical Daddy left for rehearsal, and not long after Grandpa and I cleaned up the dishes, Meatball was ready for bed.

We sat around hanging out for a little while, and then I went to the gym for my workout. Because I'm out of my mind, I'm going to do the squats-deadlifts-bench press-military press workout for the next month. Thinking about it, I may end up doing that workout only twice a week and doing the rest of my exercise on Wii Fit once it actually gets here.

It was at this point that I gave The Boy his bath with hilarity ensuing. Medicines and bears (including Neupogen) followed, at which point we went upstairs to brush teeth and read books. Once The Boy figured out that I was serious about the no-TV thing (we're trying to make it so that The Boy goes to bed at a reasonable hour and does so without the TV on), he started asking for books. We read the Goofy story and a Batman book, and turned off the lights and went to sleep.

I awoke a bit after midnight with Musical Daddy still not there, having gone to get a new videogame, to...many unhappy returns of The Boy's dinner. Which is why I'm still awake because the whole experience made ME queasy. Fortunately, my father was just coming up the stairs, so I was able to pass The Boy off to them while I did cleanup. Stripped down to the bare mattress, too. Tonight I think we all sleep in the children's room, because there's no mattress pad or anything available.

*Sigh*...just another normal evening for us, most of it just lovely, except for the midnight puke part on the part of The Boy. I guess that for many parents, the extra bed-changing would have elicited more confusion and concern; we already have the system worked out just fine.

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