Monday, March 22, 2010

For naught

We went to the clinic today for Flashes of Hope photos and what we thought would be a pre-admission checkup. We put the boys in suits. They looked adorable. The photos didn't work out so well, because The Boy was tired and Meatball wasn't so in the mood. Timing is everything.

We then learned that The Boy's appointment today was supposed to be cancelled and that they weren't even going to try admitting him. Thinking about it, any consternation at the thought of not being admitted soon enough comes from our experiences in New Jersey, where so much more depending on staying on schedule. The doctor apologized for not letting us know about that.

Nevertheless, since we were there, he talked to us about what had been going on with the oddities in the lab. It wasn't the fault of the nurse who drew the blood, nor was it her equipment, and neither was it a problem with the lab itself. Instead, it is an issue with cold agglutinins in his blood. The doctor said that while this isn't terribly common, he produced this as a result of having some sort of infection. He didn't have anything serious, because we didn't notice it except for some runny-nosed-ness. But even so, it caused antibodies to be produced that cause his blood to congeal at room temperature.


Thursday, we go back to the clinic for his next count check. They can check for cold agglutinins as they test his blood.

Wednesday is the blood drive. Now, The Boy will be able to make appearances.

Friday, we leave for Philadelphia. My aunt is getting married. The Boy was supposed to stay back for counts; now we don't know what we're doing. From there, we're going to Harrisburg for Passover.

Chemo is now scheduled to start right after the Passover seders.

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Christy Griffith said...

Sounds like cold agglutinins to me.

What? Seriously. I just came up with that on my own.