Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So this is why...

my blog has been so neglected.

We have been making the effort with The Boy to get him to bed at a reasonable hour and not have him watching TV after a certain hour. Instead, it is books in bed.

Problem is, he still needs someone with him, in general, and we haven't really been doing the sneak-away thing yet. By the time he is in bed and ready for sleep...I decide that it's not such a bad idea to get in bed myself.

So, in the world of Meatball: Crawling has been great, and he has also enjoyed standing at the low tables to play with things. He "cruises" a little bit, chasing objects as we move them, but mostly his preferred method of getting from one place to the other is to crawl. Or be carried. He is also starting to reach for people and crawl up on people's legs to let them know that he chooses THEM to carry his cute little behind around.

He has continued to enjoy a wide variety of foods. He had black beans and rice today, and he also polished off quite a bit of Grandma's steak. He nurses pretty often still but he is clearly getting a good chunk of his dietary needs met at the table. I think we'll go past a year but I don't know if he'll make it to 2 years. Whatever he wants.

The Boy has experienced another cycle of chemo without a major drop in white blood cells. At no point, last time or this time, have we felt that he was in major danger from having no immunity. As such, we have spent a LOT of time at The Blue Slide Park because the weather has been lovely.

It's interesting to see him playing...he gets into it more and has been exploring different parts of the park. Occasionally he'll pick another little friend to chase around. Generally if it is a kid his own age, he has a hard time keeping up, but he manages. Musical Daddy reminded me that while we can swoop in to help should The Boy really need it, he should also be able to work out his issues with other kids and realize that they're just walking around him and stepping over him and they're getting 3 turns on the slide before he even makes it for 1, so he needs to get moving. And he needs to negotiate space usage with them as well. I feel bad--he's a little awkward child.

Bloggus interruptus...that's how mommies roll...


The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Wow, Meatball is crawling already... Time goes so fast when it's not your kid! I can't believe he is 8 months already!

When you say The Boy is awkward, do you feel it is social skills, gross motor skills, or both? I've felt for a while that our daughter needs to work on her social skills. She has made a lot of progress, but, for months, if another kid was at the play area for kids her age, she would run to us instead of going down the slide. Now, she is still fairly shy, but she waits for turn instead of leaving the area. Basically, in our case, more exposure did it. Sounds like you are doing a lot of that and it sounds like he is making progress. By the way, on a different topic, I love the videos of him! He's too cute! I especially love his sweet little voice!

Christy Griffith said...

Missed you at the S. Anon. meeting last night. But don't think your kid is awkward. I think the boy might just be polite and the other kids may be a-holes.

Christy Griffith said...

P.S.- Am I an a-hole for calling some preschoolers a-holes? Hope not, but if so, I'm playing the cancer card.

Logical Mommy said...

Preschoolers are a-holes. And my kid is awkward.

He just gets walked on. I think that he'll get better about it once he gets more exposure.