Friday, March 26, 2010

Read the following statement two ways:

The statement is, "I was just going to do that."

First, read it as though you are in a good mood and in agreement with a request. Someone instructs you to do something relatively routine which you were just getting ready to do, but the request comes before you actually complete the task. You are non-confrontational and friendly.

"I was just going to do that."

Next, read it as though you are annoyed by the fact that you were on your way to do something and you felt nagged by the person requesting that you do it. Or, perhaps, you knew that you were supposed to do it, but forgot, and upon being reminded, you get upset about it.

"I was just going to do that."

Upon entering the 7th floor playroom, the assistant in there immediately reminded us to wash our hands. She was so quick to remind us that I hadn't had a chance to do it yet. I responded positively with the first inflection of the statement (see above). I feel better about this playroom because of that. Hopefully that policy prevails all the time and throughout the hospital. I have a feeling that it does! Thus, I feel better about The Boy spending time in the playrooms.

The Boy is doing well today. One of the oncologists examined him and noticed that there was a healed-up sore which might have been causing his pee problems. His most recent urine test was fine. There was an amount of protein in the urine that was around the normal limits.

He is off the fluids. He is eating and drinking with no problem. They want to see how he does without the fluids and, assuming that everything else is okay, they may go ahead and discharge him tomorrow!!

Oh, and I forgot to mention: when his primary oncologist came in to see him at the clinic yesterday, The Boy said, loud and clear, "Hi, Dr. Graves!" It was adorable.

His former doctor would be very jealous. Sure, it's a developmental thing, but even so, it seemed as though he just knew, and then he would pick up the "going home" cues. The Boy would give her the cold shoulder until she'd tell him that it was time to go home. Then, perhaps, she'd get a bye-bye from him or he'd blow kisses.

One of the problems with being on a different floor is having a different nursing staff. Not a big deal, but we're still working on getting to know the staff on 9B.

Of course, The Boy is already kind of a big deal around here!

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