Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I feel busy...

With Daddy going back to work full-time, I'm back on SAHM duty. For the most part. Grandma said that if I got called to sub somewhere good, either for a friend or in a music job, I may be able to do it. I happen to be working on Friday.

I am excited for him. If ever there were a place to see if teaching math is something that he can tolerate, this is it. It is a wonderful school with students who are, in general, a lot more motivated and interested than is typically found. I'm a bit biased, as it is the program where I spent grades 7 through 12 (I regret not spending grade 6 there. My therapist at the time was fine with it).

He has more to say about his feelings regarding the job. It is 8th grade math at the performing arts 6-12 school. The building itself is quite new. The facilities are incredible (although all he requires is a classroom, which he gets).

And if he doesn't particularly enjoy it...well, welcome to the world of going to work just to work and finding meaning in your life elsewhere. Raise your hand if you have a passion for the work that you do. Some people do and some people don't. He loves to teach, although he has not developed a passion for teaching math, at least not yet. Meaning that he's better off than many people.

I get to spend plenty of time with just my boys tomorrow. I do enjoy them, and it's interesting because they actually interact with each other. Meatball will crawl around trying to get The Boy; The Boy will lean down and gently "bonk" head with Meatball and even say "Meatball bonk!" The Boy will say "Look Meatball! Blue!" and show him colors, or do the same with letters and numbers.

I'm not crazy about the amount of passing by that Musical Daddy and I end up doing. Right now, for example, I'm blogging up here and he's playing his game downstairs. I would sit with him except that I'm worried about The Boy waking up. Right now it's just so important that he get sleep.

I might get up, though, because I'm in the middle of doing my sister's laundry. Lest you think I'm Cinderella or something, my sister was gracious enough to spend a few hours with the boys and Grandma, helping out, while I was out. In return, I agreed to do her laundry and let her go home (she has no laundry facilities and comes here to do it anyway) to do work and rest. I love my sisters very much and would gladly help any of them in whatever way I can, especially considering how good they all are to me.

The Boy had a physical therapy evaluation at the Children's Institute today. It was fun, and he was good. My mother works there an hour a day, so we saw her friends there. He does qualify for services, still. He does pretty well physically, but he is still behind and is still demonstrating that he is short on strength in his legs. Little things like still using his hands to stand up from the floor, taking steps on all fours, and holding onto something in order to step over even the shortest obstacle. Also, he is still unable to jump. He knows what is involved but just can't get off the ground yet.

Soon, though.

Last night, Meatball slept from 7PM to 7AM with no wakeups. I'm not optimistic about it happening again, as I do hear him stirring...

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The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Those moments where both boys are interacting must be priceless! Very happy to read that The Boy has been relatively healthy and that you guys have gotten some quality family time.