Friday, March 19, 2010

Feelin' busy part 2

I am working today, although I am currently home. I lucked into subbing for a teacher who has prep and then lunch, and I figured that I'd just head home for that since the school is 5 minutes from home. No problem. And if there is...oh well, I'm a sub.

So far I have taught three classes. Two of the classes were good; one class less so. This school is pretty nice; our kids would go there if we didn't apply to send them anywhere else, were we still living here or in this neighborhood. Pittsburgh Public Schools is very school-choice dominated, where there are special programs in many of the schools that cause people to pick schools, so children are not necessarily locked into attending a school just because they live in the neighborhood.

Oh, and by the way, living in the city of Pittsburgh and going to Pittsburgh Public Schools nets a nice college scholarship. Nice little incentive for those on the fence about sending kids to public school here or not.


Aunt Jeanne is here today, and we knew that, which was another reason why I was able to take this substitute job today. Complicating matters was an additional screwup by the lab at the hospital, causing The Boy to need to go in for labs again. Thank you, Grandma.

Musical Daddy is adjusting to his new job. He will probably take the bus to work most of the time, as he is working downtown and it isn't difficult to do. I think he'll grow to like that, as he is able to read while travelling or even do his work. I don't necessarily recommend sleeping on the bus, but he certainly could if he wanted to.

Next week is likely to be a chemo week, with an admission on Monday, then a GFR test, and then chemo Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Likely, Musical Daddy will spend most of the nights there and be met in the morning so that he can get on the bus and go to work (fortunately, the bus runs right by the hospital). Grandma will probably do a night. I might even try doing a night in the hospital, since Meatball is sleeping more and more at night. Two nights in a row he slept from 7 to 7. Last night he slept from 8:30 to 3:30 and then back to bed until 7. So...I might be able to stay with The Boy, or I might not. We'll see what the trend is over the next few days.

Last night we had a wonderful time, with visitors. Precisely, visitors who had new babies! It wasn't that long ago that Meatball was a new baby. Now he is a big boy who never met a piece of meat he didn't like. My children weren't all that interested in the babies. Nothing personal.

Tonight and tomorrow night I have a concert. Sunday afternoon is a birthday party--a friend of ours has a little guy who is turning 1!!

Then back into the know...

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